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World's finest glasses

Inspired by the historical art of glassmaking – Made for today

Each glass is a mouth-blown unique piece, made by passionate craftspeople.
This is the new Josephinenhütte – Committed to artisanal tradition and absolute sophistication.

Our role model: the former Josephinenhütte

A Silesian glassworks in the Sudetes mountain range, founded in 1842 by Count Leopold von Schaffgotsch and headed by visionary glassmaker Franz Pohl.

The cooperation produced glass objects of technical sophistication and absolute beauty, which made Josephinenhütte one of the most significant glassworks in Europe and the New World.

Berlin 2019: The new Josephinenhütte

Three friends, fascinated and inspired by the value of true craftsmanship, set to bring Josephinenhütte back to life.

Our vision? To create glasses that are delicate and light, sophisticated and exquisite, and which can match the heights reached by the traditional Josephinenhütte.

The keystone: Kurt Josef Zalto for Josephinenhütte

The Austrian glass designer and creative director of Josephinenhütte has a history of breaking the rules and setting new standards.

Now, some 20 years later, with the creation of a completely new type of glass, he is once again going far beyond the current concept of quality.

Unique at the core: Handblown by passionate craftspeople

In the great tradition of craftmanship, Josephinenhütte has worked together with prominent figures from design, fine arts and contemporary gastronomy to create the new collection.

Through an inventive handcrafting process, in combination with diverse complementary concepts, the finest glasses have originated to suit a variety of different needs.