Josephinenhutte receives the 2022 Red Dot award for product design

Josephinenhutte receives the 2022 Red Dot Design Award for its handmade mouth-blown JOSEPHINE glass collection.

With over 6,000 entries, the international competition initiated by Professor Dr. Peter Zec is considered one of the largest and most prestigious awards in the design world. The coveted seal of quality is awarded to products that demonstrate outstanding design.

The award-winning JOSEPHINE glass design was created by Kurt Josef Zalto, one of the best-known glass designers of our time. This is the second award this year following the "Iconic Award: Innovative Interior” for Josephinenhutte.

Another accolade for Kurt Josef Zalto

"This award is another accolade for the outstanding glass design of my partner Kurt Josef Zalto," said Marcus Meyer, CEO of Josephinenhutte. For decades Kurt Josef Zalto has been studying the influence of shapes and materials and their effect on the taste of wine. The iconic glass design of the JOSEPHINE is no coincidence and was due to the consistent development of the optimal glass shape for wine enjoyment.

"We are very proud that our glass collection is well-received internationally due to its extraordinary design, but above all to the function of the glass. Kurt created the glass with the characteristic bend to enhance the optimal development of the aromas of the wine.”

Exceptional quality

"Our international jury had a considerable number of products to evaluate this year, as a large number of design submissions were presented to the professional jury of experts," states the award letter from Professor Dr. Peter Zec to Josephinenhutte.

"In an evaluation process lasting several days, the submissions from all over the world were closely examined and judged according to design quality as well as the degree of innovation. The JOSEPHINE glass collection was able to hold its own in such a strong field of participants, and this is a testament to its exceptional quality!"