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Josephine No 1 – White


White wine glass

This white wine glass can handle the most complex wines, yet it's the epitome of simplicity. Suitable for every setting, for pure unaccompanied enjoyment as well as part of a multi-course dinner. It is particularly compatible with young, lively, sophisticated wines, and keeps them all pleasantly chilled.

We don't do labels, but this glass complements beautifully fresh wines of any age.

Our Josephine No 1 is ideal for light, filigree and fruity wines, that can showcase their full size and elegance.

Designed by Kurt Josef Zalto in 2019, handmade in Europe.

Height 24 cm, diameter 8.2 cm.

A soft linen cloth and a watercolour brush are the best things for taking care of your glasses. The Josephinenhütte glasses are of course also dishwasher suitable.

Read our care tips in detail here to ensure your glasses lead a long life.

Kurt Josef Zalto - the visionary among glass designers

With his design for a lightweight, thin-walled, yet flexible wineglass, the Austrian glassmaker has gone beyond the current concept of a good glass.

Handmade in Europe

All our glasses are lovingly made by hand. Each piece is uniquely manufactured by traditional creative craftsmanship of the absolute highest quality.

Care Tips

Thanks to their high elasticity, the glasses of the Josephine series are more robust than they appear.
Learn how to care for them, and you will enjoy them for a long time.

Customer Support

We are confident you will love your new glasses, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
We usually respond within one business day.

Shipping & Returns

We ship our glasses in all 50 States at convenient rates. You can enjoy free shipping on all orders above 200$. You can return your glasses up to 14 days after receiving them.

Josephine No 1 – White