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World's finest glasses

Visionary Design and finest Craftsmanship

A glass that allows the taste and aroma of wines to unfold in a unique way.

World's finest glasses

"A good glass takes time"

Kurt Josef Zalto, the visionary among glass designers.

World's finest glasses

Josephinenhütte by Kurt Josef Zalto, glass designer

Each glass is a mouth-blown unique piece, made by passionate craftsmen with many years of experience in a European manufactory.
This is the new Josephinenhütte – Committed to craftsmanship tradition and absolute sophistication.

An excellent glass that perfectly accentuates the subtle aromas and the finesse of our wines

Markus Molitor
Exceptional wine maker
Three times achiever of 100 Parker points

Passion, creativity and flawless craftsmanship - the Josephine is the perfect fit for us.

Klaus Erfort
Gästehaus Erfort, Saarbrücken, Germany

The wine is simply outstandingly presented in the Josephine glass.

Sophie Lehmann
100/200 Kitchen, Hamburg, Germany

The best glass of all times.

Christian Rainer
Sommelier Gourmet Peter Brunel, Italy
Ex-Sommelier St. Hubertus, Italy

Old tradition with a new twist.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
September 2020 edition
Page 20

The glass allows the wine to really shine.

Maria Rehermann
Sommelière at Arne Anker’s new restaurant
BRIKZ, Berlin, Germany